This is the world’s first organic wine-backed cryptoasset.

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The goal of the The OpenVino Project is to create the world’s first open-source, transparent winery, and wine-backed cryptocurrency by exposing Costaflores’ technical and business practices to the world.

Transparency is a key value for building sustainable, ethical, profitable businesses, and is an important tool for small companies.

The OpenVino Project breaks down in five main areas:

1. Open source company
2. Organyc wine backed cryptocurrency
3. DIY organy viticulture biotechnology
4. You drink it, you own it
5. Vine, Wine, Dine, Mind

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Magic is synonimous with luck. Costaflores Finca Orgánica is lucky to be at the epicenter of the "Land of Malbec", Perdriel, Luján de Cuyo, Mendoza, where we make single vineyard wine. 

The altitude and high desert climate produce a considerable temperature delta: warm during the day, cool at night, hot in the summer, cold in the winter: the perfect equation for producing healthy, mature grapes. Under these conditions, it is easy to respect the biosphere, and create the best contemporary wines.

Our wines are made for the love of spice. They are full of life, and they keep rythm with aromatic, picante, joyful foods. 

Enjoy life, and celebrate luck - a kind of magic.

Wines to celebrate life and luck...a kind of magic.

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"The Luck Hunters" is a television, web-video, and social media project, that follows two friends around the world, "hunting for luck" with wine and music.

Mike Barrow searches for luck and opportunity with his wine “Mike Tango Bravo”. Natalio Faingold seeks out stages and friendly ears for his rock operas, "El Futre - Phantom of the Andes" y "Deolinda". They take their projects from Mendoza, Argentina to the far corners of the world, looking for serendipity, the black swan, descovering the improbable.

The power of ideas, of new media and networks, and guerilla marketing are brought to the new markets of the globalized information economy, where culture, food, penguins, alcohol, and the universal language of music and theatre, are mixed in with audacity and optimism. Two middle-aged characters fight to bring their passions to a wider audience. 

High risk entrepreneurs risking it all.

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