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This 2019 harvest was extraordinary!

This year, we harvested the equivalent of 17707 bottles of MTB

We all thought that the 2018 harvest had been an excellent one, and it was both in quality and quantity. But to our surprise, 2019 was even better!

With just the right amount of hot days during the summer and not too much rain, we didn’t have any issues with disease on the vines. When the temperature goes above 35ºC, the heat kills different fungi, but you don’t want it to be too hot for many days or else the vines begin to wither! 

In 2018, we harvested enough grapes for 16384 bottles, which up until then was a record crop for Costaflores. This year, we harvested the equivalent of 17707 bottles of the MTB wine. This, despite the fact that we culled 25% of the grapes in January. No matter how good or bad our future seasons are, we shouldn’t exceed this yield, because this is the upper limit of the amount of grapes we want to harvest in order to maintain our quality metrics.

And of course, NOT being hit by hail makes a huge difference. We completely lost our 2013 and 2015 grapes harvests to hailstones. But now, by official decree, hail is prohibited at Costaflores Organic Vineyard, so hopefully our best grapes are here to stay. Certainly, future seasons will bring us some unlucky challenges, but for now, we are thrilled that our first two tokenized vintages are top buzz.